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Our security professionals undergo structured compulsory physical training by ex-officers of the Royal Malaysian Police and Royal Military Armed Forces to ensure their optimum fitness level is maintained throughout their employment. K-FORCE security professionals are closely monitored and supervised by ex-servicemen who have in-depth knowledge in the field of security. With consistent and regular security training the efficiency and capabilities of our personnel is assured.

Realizing the very nature of our services, proper and rigorous vetting procedures with the Royal Malaysian Police are carried out before the prospective security employee is engaged by our organization. K-FORCE has the license to bear arms approved by K.D.N. (a member of the PPKKM association). Our strict monitoring procedures of each personnel in K-FORCE ensure disciplined and effective performance at all times.

The GURKHA security division consisting of ex-army and police personnels from Nepal has been set up further enhance our security services. The Gurkhas, well-known for their steadfastness and trustworthiness is indeed a force to reckon with.


Canine security is undeniably effective. Our guard dogs complement and reinforce their human security counterparts to reinforce and enhance the security measures for your protection and of your property.

Our canine security division comprises of over 30 trained guard-dog breeds such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Terrier which are specially selected for their inherent instincts and well-recognized traits of intelligence, alertness, loyalty, endurance and protectiveness.

All our dogs are professionally trained qualified dog trainers. Our K 9 division have been set up and maintained for more than a decade. Each of our dogs is handled by individual qualified K-FORCE dog handler to safeguard your property as well your safety.

K-FORCE is excellently equipped to provide and handle the following kennel services:

  1. Grooming
  2. Detecting / Tick wash
  3. Declawing
  4. Ear Cleaning
  5. Kennel Disinfecting
  6. Transportation of pets
  7. Boarding Services
  8. Dog Food and Equipment Supply


K-FORCE also provides armed or unarmed bodyguards, Cash-in Transit (CIT) and close security escorts who have acknowledged and tested skills and capabilities in this field. The appropriate bodyguard or security escort will be appointed to our VIP clientele.

Your confidence in our bodyguards will be well-placed because they are former Commandos of VAT 69, ex-Royal Malaysian Police or the elite PARA Troopers of the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces.

These bodyguards and escorts maintain their level of fitness and commitment to security in K-FORCE as they are acquired to undergo intensive training at regular intervals. They are professionally trained by the ex-officers of VAT 69 with the same intensity and dedication as they did during their national service.

The armed bodyguard division is well-trained in using small arms and pump guns. Our alert and resourceful escorts are experienced in CIT for money changers, banks, company wages, and trained to handle various situations.

K-FORCE bodyguards and close security escorts are further equipped with the latest communication technology linked to our command centre in order to ensure close surveillance and safety of our VIP clientele.


Central Monitoring Service (CMS) is an advance software and communicator technology linking your alarm panel with our central monitoring centre (CMC). Signals from activated alarms are transmitted within seconds to our CMC which will immediately verify, and deploy our Rapid Response Team to the scene. CMS personnel situated in a secured room will also notify you and whoever you have designated to respond to each type of emergency or alarm - the Police, Ambulance service, Fire Department, friends, relatives or neighbours.

CMS is an ideal security monitoring system which provides complete and uninterrupted surveillance for your establishment (residence, offices, factories, warehouses, buildings) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Once installed, CMS not only provides security, it leaves you with the peace of mind to pursue and concentrate on the other priorities in life.

Our CMS division is one of the best and most advanced in Johor. Up-to-date training course is attended by our officers from time to time to avail them with the latest technology and information in order to provide you with a total security capability second to none.


Our patrolling units will survey and check on the guards on duty at your premises or establishment. The patrolling officer on duty will be armed to further enforce security.

This ensures a higher of commitment to your safety and the protection of your property. Discipline is maintained and prompt professional action can be taken in response to alarms.


CAREWIDE SERVICES Sdn Bhd., a subsidiary company of K-FORCE SECURITY SERVICES has been set up in order to serve you better.

The following services are available at CAREWIDE:

  • Installation and maintenance of alarm (barrier system)
  • Close circuit Television (CCTV) and remote surveillance
  • Installation and maintenance of automatic gates
  • Door/Entry Access - Card Access Control and Intercom System

Our professionals will assess and recommend the security measures to suit your needs and our qualified technicians will install the necessary equipment promptly and with minimal disruption to your corporate operations or to your household.

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